Who am I?

Christian: I love Jesus Christ and his holy universal Church.
Mom: Solo parenting sans caffeine [read: migraine]. Thankful for my family’s support and my precious son.
Editor: Academic copyeditor and proofreader for traditional publishing houses. I love my job.
Survivor and Artist: I love photography, dance, writing, graphite drawing, mixed media scrapbooking, and performing in musicals.

True beauty is more than pleasure; it gently comforts our hunger for eternity.
True bravery means more than ignoring our fear; it witnesses to the foundation of love: sacrifice.

The Simple Stuff

  • For education and work details see my resume.
  • I’m an introvert and an external processor. I enjoy diving into conversation, even with someone I just met.
  • I’d dance every time I hear music if it was socially acceptable.
  • I have an obsession with nonbreaking spaces, commas, and citations.
  • When someone asks me “where are you from?” I cringe because I have no idea; I’ve moved 18 times and, thanks in part to memory loss, none of the locations feel like home. So home is with my people. For the moment, that’s Chicago.

The Deeper Stuff

Am I the sum total of what I do, who I love, what I’ve experienced? But what about what I can’t remember? What about the parts of me that I know but others never will? Or the parts of me that others know but, thanks to amnesia, I don’t? My layers of identities—career, relationship status, history—are tattoos on my skin. They’ll mark me, be part of me forever, and they are the easiest thing to see when you look at me. But tattoos are not the end of the story. My soul is safe in God’s hands no matter what happens to my body or brain.

No matter how you read my skin and story, remember that all of us—even hard-edged survivors like me—are more than meets the eye. We who stumble around in marked-up bodies that are  continually failing us and trapping us in pain? We are souls who continually feel the infinite layered between the tears and pain and skin. We see eternity mixed with pain and despair, and so we see how alive we can be before the sun sets.

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