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natalie nyquist


Selected CLients & Projects


Copyediting | Proofreading
Andrews University Press
P&R Publishing

Baker Publishing Group

Copyediting | Proofreading
Baker Academic
Brazos Press

Christian Editor Network

Instructor, online courses and conference
PEN Institute

Other Clients
Chartwell Literary Group
Hudson Bible
Kirkus Editorial
Museum of the Bible Books
Symbology Creative
HarperCollins Publishers

Copyediting | Copywriting |  Notes & Bibliographies | Proofreading
Emanate Books
HarperCollins Leadership
Nelson Books
Thomas Nelson
W Publishing Group

Gilead Publishing

Proofreading | Project Assistance
Enclave Publishing
Evergreen Farm

Moody Publishers

Proofreading | Ebook Proofreading | Project Assistance
Northfield Publishing
River North Fiction
Wingspread Publishing

Copyediting . . . requires attention to every word and mark of punctuation in a manuscript, a thorough knowledge of the style to be followed, and the ability to make quick, logical, and defensible decisions. . . .

A light editorial hand is nearly always more effective than a heavy one. . . . An author’s own style should be respected, whether flamboyant or pedestrian.

– Chicago Manual of Style 2.48, 2.51