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natalie nyquist


Selected CLients & Projects

Academic Publishers

Andrews University Press
Baker Academic
P&R Publishing

Trade Publishers

Gilead Publishing
Baker Books
Brazos Press

Other Clients

Chartwell Literary Group
Christian Editor Network
Hudson Bible
Kirkus Editorial
Symbology Creative

HarperCollins Publishers

(2014 to present)
Copyediting | Copywriting |  Notes & Bibliographies | Proofreading
Emanate Books
Harper Horizon
HarperCollins Leadership
Nelson Books
Thomas Nelson
W Publishing Group

Moody Publishers

(2012 to 2018)
Proofreading | Ebook Proofreading | Project Assistance
Northfield Publishing
River North Fiction
Wingspread Publishing

Copyediting . . . requires attention to every word and mark of punctuation in a manuscript, a thorough knowledge of the style to be followed, and the ability to make quick, logical, and defensible decisions. . . .

A light editorial hand is nearly always more effective than a heavy one. . . . An author’s own style should be respected, whether flamboyant or pedestrian.

– Chicago Manual of Style 2.48, 2.51